Friday, January 5, 2007

Linus: March 28, 1990 - Dec 19, 2006

Linus, the most beloved and bestest cat in the history of the world, passed away peacefully in his person's arms a few days ago after bravely facing a short and sudden illness. He was nearly 17.

As a kitten, he quickly mastered all the difficult tricks: flying, levitation, wall climbing, and plant destruction. It was during this phase of his life that he earned the nickname "Booger-cat!" which stuck with him his whole life. But he was a gentle and loving spirit that won over all he met, cat-lovers and cat-haters alike.

As he matured, the "boogerish" aspects of his personality faded, and he remained gentle and sweet, and a constant "couch buddy" to his person.

There will be other cats in his person's life; there will never be another cat like Linus.
Linus leaves behind an empty sunbeam, his toy mouse, his spot on the couch, his sixteen-year old scratching post, the cat blanket he never used, and the tears of his heart-broken person.

Linus was simply the best cat ever. He was sweet, funny, snuggly, warm, crazy, and smart. He talked a lot, and was very expressive. He always slept beside me.

Here's Daniel and Linus together. it's Linus's first moving day, although neither cat seem very pleased.
Linus, my friend, companion, and furry hot water bottle, I miss you terribly...

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